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Beverly Hills Hotel

My kind of hotel!

As soon as we pulled up, I had such a rush of excitement. Now this was more my type of hotel, similar to what I had experienced on my European adventures.

This was a true luxury hotel offering: restaurants, bar, retail, day spa, hair salon, sumptuous and luxurious, with a large pool and terrace that is very special.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is very much about its brand. What I like best about the BH is that, aside from the amenity and the atmosphere, it is inviting as a special occasion location or for a family vacation. It even welcomes that most valued family member, your pet dog/s (dog menu provided!).

The brand itself is executed perfectly. Before long, you start to look like a BHH striped or banana leaf-clad fixture. Dogs in their BH day beds with branded BH dog collar(s), kids in their swimmers and hats, us in our PJs, all blending in.

They have a concierge to check into the pool area in peak season. To me, this is especially crucial, as your experience of this iconic hotel is all about time spent around the pool with the adjacent restaurant.

As a nice touch, they offer cabanas that can be reserved. This is great, allowing you to entertain guests, ensuring you have your own private sun lounges and a welcome extra space to sit out of the sun, watch TV (if you must) and order food service. You can dine at your leisure in your own private space.

The pool itself was fantastic, and the customary dip was literally ‘music to your ears’ under water. I must admit, I love this type of outdoor holiday. I need to sit and enjoy my pool time at least a couple hours a day.

Our room, on this occasion their standard king room, was typically what I would say you see in a 5-star hotel. Nothing stood out exactly, but it certainly met every expectation.

The housekeeping service was divine. They would roll up all your cords (phones, computers, etc., in a branded little BHH strip designed purely for the purpose) and provide a banana leaf-embellished glasses cleaning cloth for your sunnies. Everything was carefully put to order for your return from a day of pleasure. Love that attention to detail!

Eating in was always easy to do, with their main restaurant, the famed Polo Lounge, open all day and evening. To be frank, I was skeptical of American food. But I thought the food here was heaven, full of flavor, and they offered a wonderful choice of salads.

I cannot recommend more highly that you stay at this legendary hotel. Allow yourself to soak it up, love it, and enjoy what it is offering for you as a guest.

I cannot omit to mention, it is located at the other end of Rodeo Drive. So you walk down and look at the houses in a leafy street then, five minutes (2 blocks) on and you find yourself at the heart of luxury flagship designer brand heaven!

Beverly Hills Hotel is part of the Dorchester Collection, with its worldwide reputation for grand and significant properties. So they do take their business seriously and offer a truly great hotel and brand experience.

Michelle Matthews


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